The Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field

Steve and his reality distortion fieldI can feel myself getting drawn in by its power. Everything to do with Apple seems “insanely great” and all other platforms seem mediocre by comparison. The Mac will not only be an upgrade to my workstation, it will upgrade my entire life too. I will become 10 years younger and the worries of the world will simply melt away into a blissful dream-like state framed by shining white polycarbonate.

Does this happen to all Mac users? Is it a prerequisite to buying a Mac? Am I becoming “one of them”? Or is it simply that Steve’s vision of things is the reality and all other computer users are deluded? 😉

The RDF is well-documented, but I didn’t really believe it could affect me until now. I thought I could “just say no”. But it won’t be long now before I head over to the Apple Store and purchase my life-changing iMac, where the “buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them” and everything is exciting, incredible and “just works”. However I am very disappointed to discover that I don’t get a free black turtle-neck with my iMac purchase…

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