Not So Mighty Mouse

My Mac’s Mighty Mouse has packed up after 3 months of use. The scroll ball will no longer scroll “down” (it moves but has no effect) and every now and again the mouse pointer jumps all over the place. Back to Apple for you, Mr Mouse! I hope it has a 3-year warranty like the Mac…

Now I no longer feel that the Microsoft mouse I bought a month before my Mac was a wasted purchase! I’ve switched to it and, after getting used to it, I think I actually prefer it to the Mighty Mouse (despite the lack of left-right scrolling, which I hardly ever used anyway). And it has better acceleration than the Mighty Mouse too. 🙂

UPDATE 25 Aug: Woah! Turns out all I needed to do was clean the ball. Thought I’d search for “mighty mouse won’t scroll down” before calling Apple and found this helpful page. Tried cleaning the ball – now it scrolls down! 🙂 It wasn’t even particularly dirty (or at least didn’t look it). Very strange. Looks like Mighty Mouse is really a bit “sensitive” on the inside! 😉

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One Response to “Not So Mighty Mouse”

  1. David Says:


    Spit will clean it. Well, actually spit on your finger and rub it on the ball and roll it round. Now turn the the mouse upside down and rub the ball REALLY hard on a piece of white paper until it dries, just watch the amount of muck that comes out of the ball.

    ONLY do this when it is unplugged and leave it to dry after for a few minutes.

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