iTunes 7 – Update

Having spent 3 or so weeks with the new iTunes 7, here are a few thoughts related to my previous post:

iPod Gapless Playback: Yes it works in iTunes too! 🙂 Very happy about that. It’s a bit weird how you have to tag each tune with the “Part of a gapless album” option though – why can’t it just not put gaps in by default?

Scratch all that stuff about iTunes now supporting movies and TV shows – it’s not available in Australia. So I’m still stuck with DVD region hell. 🙁 *sulk* And they wonder why BitTorrent is so popular…

It’s actually really nice to have CoverFlow integrated in iTunes – makes it much smoother. However it doesn’t work on shared playlists for some reason. Speaking of which – Front Row seems to behave better with shared iTunes stuff now; you can watch shared video podcasts for example, which I don’t think was possible before. It’s getting there!

It will be interesting to see how well iTV does when it’s finally out…

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