A lovely way to view Web photos

PicLens logoI’ve been playing with PicLens a fair bit recently. It’s a browser plugin (Safari on the Mac, Firefox on Windows) that lets you view online photo albums with a slick, fullscreen interface. It’s compatible with Flickr, Facebook and Google Images, amongst others. It can also work with any site that delivers a Media RSS feed. Just hover over an image on a website and, if you see a little “play” button appear, click it to view that album or photostream in PicLens. You can flip between photos using the arrow keys.

It’s very swish, but of course it’s highly dependent on the quality of the source material. That 120×120-pixel Google Images photo is never going to look good when viewed on a 20″ iMac, no matter how you slice it!

(Oh and guys – a Firefox version on the Mac would be appreciated. We don’t all use Safari, you know!)

UPDATE 8 Dec 07: If you’ve just upgraded to Safari 3 and it won’t open any Web pages, it’s probably because you have PicLens installed. You need to uninstall it. You should find Safari then starts working again!

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