12 Shareware Mac Apps for $49? That’s MacHeist!

MacHeist Retail Bundle box shotLast week a rather spiffing software bundle was released to an unsuspecting public: the MacHeist Retail Bundle. For $49 you get 12 fully-functioning shareware Mac applications worth over $250. Not bad eh?

Apps include an iTunes alarm clock, a money manager, an iTunes controller, a digital assistant/organizer, a posh clipboard manager, a quick application launcher, a password safe, a no-nonsense word processor, a tool to slim down and speed up your apps, and 3 games.

Even better, 25% of the purchase price goes to charity. Can’t say fairer than that. There’s also a referral system whereby you can get extra shareware if you refer friends to MacHeist (at least I think that’s how it works – it’s a bit confusing!).

I haven’t tried any of the apps in this bundle so they might be terrible (though DEVONthink and WriteRoom sound pretty cool), but at just under 50 bucks you can’t go far wrong I guess!

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