iPhone stuck at Apple logo, then apps quit immediately

Hmm… not a great day for my iPhone last week. Its wi-fi was playing up so I decided to power cycle it. After switching on it hung on the Apple logo for 4-5 minutes. Power cycled again – same problem. Sounds like a common issue. Here are some helpful suggestions for fixing it. Anyway I was lucky – I connected the iPhone to the Mac (with iTunes running) and, after a couple more restarts, the iPhone booted successfully.

I say “successfully” in that it got to the Home screen. But then every third-party app I tried to launch quit immediately back to the Home screen! (Apple apps were OK.) Once again, this sounds like a common problem. Ouch. In my case I managed to fix it by connecting the iPhone to the Mac, running iTunes, right-clicking the iPhone in the left-hand pane and choosing Restore from Backup. It took ages and hung right near the end (I had to yank the USB cable out of the phone to stop it), but after that all apps launched no problem.

If you’re reading this because you have this problem, and the above solution doesn’t work for you, you may need to do a full system restore (as described in the linked discussion thread above).

Nasty. Hope it doesn’t happen again…

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2 Responses to “iPhone stuck at Apple logo, then apps quit immediately”

  1. 63NJ4M1N Says:

    I had the same problem, but for me nothing worked at all. I finally did the following which worked perfectly. (keep in mind, i normally download all my apps on my IPhone directly, not through ITunes).

    1. Same as you connect to itunes. and it will finally boot.
    2. Connect the iphone, and open itunes and go to the applications, and download all your apps that you use. (in my case this took forever!!) but download all the apps, and then click under apps, click (Sync Apps) and then select what you want.
    3. Then sync. It will take a wee while, but once the sync is complete they will all work again 🙂

    Hope this also helps.

  2. Matt Says:

    @63NJ4M1N: Thanks for the tip! These problems do seem to be connected with 3rd party apps. I’ll remember your solution if it happens again! 🙂