About this blog

I started this blog to document my experience with changing my main computer from a Linux PC to a Mac. Despite having used computers for the last 26 years, and being surrounded by friends, family and workmates that use Macs, I’ve somehow never got around to using a Mac properly myself. Maybe something in my subconscious has an inherent distrust of them – who knows!

So one day I thought “what the hey! Time for a change” and decided to jump in at the deep end. I’m going to go out, buy a Mac and start messing about with it. If I like it then hopefully it will become my main computer. If I don’t – well, there’s always eBay. Macs hold their resale value well, I hear…

Update, 9 Jan ’07: After over 6 months of using the Mac, I can safely say I’ve switched. And I love the Mac. So this blog will now be about Macs, and Apple in general.