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Underworlds revisited

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Back in June I reviewed Underworlds, a role-playing adventure game for the iPhone. In the review I mentioned a few niggles with the game, including:

  • Short play time
  • Linear game play
  • A single character class
  • The limit of 10 character levels
  • Fiddly movement controls

Since then, Pixel Mine have released a free update to Underworlds that addresses practically all of these issues. I have to say I’m impressed, considering it was a free update. What’s more they’ve even lowered the price of the full app from $5 to $3!

The new version has:

  • More than double the content
  • A new city (called Termon) and lots more dungeons to explore
  • A higher level cap (raised to 50) so you can grow your character more
  • Thousands of new items, as well as new quests and creatures
  • A revamped interface with better controls
  • A quest log so that you can remember what you’re supposed to be doing
  • A mini-map overlay in the dungeons so you don’t get lost