Underworlds revisited

Back in June I reviewed Underworlds, a role-playing adventure game for the iPhone. In the review I mentioned a few niggles with the game, including:

  • Short play time
  • Linear game play
  • A single character class
  • The limit of 10 character levels
  • Fiddly movement controls

Since then, Pixel Mine have released a free update to Underworlds that addresses practically all of these issues. I have to say I’m impressed, considering it was a free update. What’s more they’ve even lowered the price of the full app from $5 to $3!

The new version has:

  • More than double the content
  • A new city (called Termon) and lots more dungeons to explore
  • A higher level cap (raised to 50) so you can grow your character more
  • Thousands of new items, as well as new quests and creatures
  • A revamped interface with better controls
  • A quest log so that you can remember what you’re supposed to be doing
  • A mini-map overlay in the dungeons so you don’t get lost

They’ve also added an online ranking system so you can see how well you’re doing compared with other players.

This update is a definite improvement on the original game. While I’d still like to see more than 1 character class, the game now seems more challenging, and has a much longer play time.

Pixel Mine have also released a free lite version of the game with, presumably, less content than the full version.

I gave the original Underworlds 3.5/5. I’m giving this new version 4.5/5. Nice work guys! 🙂

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