Consumer Heaven

Well this looks rather nice doesn’t it. If only I lived in NYC! More cool photos.

CNBC did an interview with His Steveness in the new store. Interesting that half of the people buying Macs in their stores are “converts” from Windows. He also made it pretty clear that Apple’s focus is “notebooks and consumer desktops”. Wow, I’m turning from a “PC user” into a “consumer”! 😉

Well I’d better buy a game or two then, if I’m going to be a consumer. The last game I bought was Baldur’s Gate I think, so I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of computer gaming. The Diablo series looks pretty cool, but I can’t work out if it’ll run on an Intel Mac or not. If you’ve tried it please let me know!

I just pre-ordered my copy of Parallels Workstation – sorry, it’s now called Parallels Desktop – for Mac. Kinda weird paying for software that doesn’t exist yet, to run on a computer that I don’t yet own. Still, I saved $10! 🙂

In other news, Reason is now shipping as a Universal Application. Woo-hoo!

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