Squeaking Noise: Fixed!!!

Well after being nearly driven mad by this infuriating squeaking noise for a couple of weeks, I finally fixed it. 🙂

Did I fix it by reinstalling the OS? No…

Did I fix it by upgrading the OS? No…

Did I find out it was some obscure software problem? No…

Did I send it back to Apple? Did I hell – no way I’m losing my primary workstation for 2 weeks just so they can replace a CPU fan.

Here’s how to fix it in 1 easy step (warning/disclaimer – this is not recommended, it may break your mac, invalidate your warranty or cause the sky to cave in, etc etc):

Rap the back of the Mac with your knuckles, about 3 or 4 inches above the USB ports.

That’s it! No cunning solution or workaround, just good old-fashioned physical violence. I got so annoyed by the squeak that I just gave it a whack one day as a last-ditch attempt, and the squeak stopped instantly. Came back a couple of hours later (but much quieter) – hit it again, stopped instantly. Came back once more a day later (very quiet) – hit it again, stopped instantly. It’s gone from squeaking every hour or so to not a single tiny squeak for two whole weeks (and counting).

Bliss 🙂

I guess that whack must have reseated the fan onto its spindle or something.

Now I like my Mac again…

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17 Responses to “Squeaking Noise: Fixed!!!”

  1. Gideon Says:

    ha. fantastic.i really doubt that would invalidate your warranty.. it’s not like any AASP would know anyway 😉


  2. mattdoyle Says:

    I’m pretty chuffed I must say! 🙂

    I guess this trick would also work with the power off, which would probably be a better idea (knocking your Mac about with the hard drive spinning – not good!). Although doing it with the power on has the advantage of knowing that you’ve stopped the squeak straight away.

  3. David Says:

    Like training a dog not to bark, if you keep yelling and saying no, eventually the dog learns.

  4. robert Says:

    my cpu fan was making a squeaking sound,so since it is an old pc,i opened
    it up got so Q-tips and rubbing alcohol,took all the fans out and cleaned
    all the dirt out that those cans of compress air missed,BTW you can get a
    nice size box of Q-tips at your local dollar store for $1,07 heck it must be
    about 900 Q-tips in the box,plus the are flexible and can get into very small
    area’s,my old machine is 10 years old and still cranking,after the cleaning
    the pc sounds like a brand new machine,this kind of cleaning takes time,
    but it work fine,you should hear this old thing,just a whoosing sound,why
    waste money on those pc tech,when you can do it yourself,

  5. Joe Says:

    Ha! It actually works!
    Well, it’s not completely solve my problem – but it’s quieter at least
    Just have to build the confidence to hit it hard enough!

  6. Matt Says:

    Glad it (sorta) worked for you, Joe! Beats calling Applecare doesn’t it. 😉

  7. landtax Says:

    It sounded like a mouse had invaded my computer. This fix seems to work well though.

  8. Mommaroth Says:

    HA! three years later and you’re STILL helping people! This squeak was driving me crazy, and after reading your post I was just frustrated enough to try it and it worked!

    Thank you for saving my sanity… 🙂

  9. Matt Says:

    @Mommaroth: Excellent! I’m glad the trick worked 🙂 And I’m pleased to report that my iMac is still squeak-free three years on (though to be fair the logic board was replaced 6 months ago!).

  10. Terry Says:

    How hard? I did a rap and it stopped for a few minutes. Don’t know how hard to hit it – should I get my husband to whack it?

  11. Matt Says:

    @Terry: Not too hard – maybe slightly harder than you’d knock on a door. You may have to try it a few times before it stops for good.

  12. Kerri Says:

    My iMac is doing the same thing and it’s driving me crazy. I tried the knuckles but it only worked for about 30 seconds – and actually sounds worse now that it’s started up again. 🙁

    May have to give up and take the computer into the Apple store…

  13. Matt Says:

    @Kerri: Sorry it didn’t work for you. If you don’t want to risk hitting it again then a trip to the Apple Store might well be in order…

  14. Esmurf Says:

    Seriously – AMAZING! I knocked on the back like I was knocking on a door and – voilà! Thanks so much!

  15. Matt Says:

    @Esmurf: Great to hear that this old solution is still working 🙂

  16. Tzvifl Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I have been having the same fan squeak problem and it was driving me crazy. I have tried several software fixes without success. Your solution – bag it witb knuckle a few inches about the USB ports – seems to have worked! I can work in peace again!

  17. Matt Says:

    @Tzvifl: Glad it helped!