A New Direction

Happy New Year to you! Yes I’ve been bad – I haven’t updated this blog in months. The reason? Well, the theme of the blog was “switching from Linux to Mac”. And I’ve switched now. It was easy, and I prefer the Mac. That’s it. So there hasn’t been much to write about really. 😉

Therefore I’ve decided to repurpose this blog into a more general one about Macs and Apple. This means I can cover more topics than just “what’s it like switching from Linux to Mac”. Which hopefully means I can update more often, and give you something interesting to read more than once every three months!

I’ll be talking about my experiences of using my iMac both at work and at play; talking about and reviewing any cool new Mac software I’ve discovered; commenting on up-and-coming Apple news – that sort of stuff. It could all be frightfully dull, or it could be the most exciting Apple blog ever. Who the hell knows. We’ll find out soon enough.

Whatever happens, thanks for tagging along for the ride – it’s good to know ya. 🙂

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