Here comes another Mac shareware bundle

MacUpdate logoI recently wrote about the latest shareware offering from MacHeist: the MacHeist Retail Bundle, where you get 12 shareware apps for 50 bucks total. Well, not to be outdone, MacUpdate has announced the MacUpdate Promo Bundle.

What you get

With the MacUpdate bundle you get 10 applications for $65: a hard disk housekeeping app, a heading/logo/button generator, an app to access iCal calendars from the menu bar, a nifty file locator, a creative writing aid, a keyboard macro tool, a DVD converter/shrinker, an audio recording app, a Flash slideshow maker, and Parallels Desktop (which needs no introduction).

For a limited time the MacUpdate bundle also includes WhatSize, an app that measures the sizes of all your files and folders. (You can of course measure your folder sizes yourself, but this app does look a bit more sophisticated!)

The catch

There is a catch though: 3 of the apps (including Parallels) are locked at the time of writing – which, I presume, means you can only use the apps in demo mode – until MacUpdate Promo has sold a set number of copies. Personally I dislike this kind of marketing shenanigans, but each to their own. It seems likely that all the apps will eventually be unlocked.

Which is better?

I reckon the apps in the MacHeist bundle sound more useful than the MacUpdate apps – especially as I already have Parallels – though I confess I haven’t tried any of the apps yet. (Aha, Cult of Mac has just posted a comparison of the two bundles that goes into more detail on the apps.)

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