The funniest Apple videos of all time

There’s something about the cult of Apple and Steve Jobs that lends itself well to comedy and spoof videos. In no particular order, here are 15 of the funniest ever videos on an Apple or Mac theme – in my oh-so-humble opinion. 😉

1. South Park Mac vs. PC …

Because, at the end of the day, all computers suck.

2. … and vs. Linux

“Batman’s nemesis?”

“Frank Sinatra?”

3. Feline Mac user

Macs are so simple, even kittens can use them…

4. The iRack

From MADtv. Little bit of politics…

5. iPhone fever

Another one from MADtv. When religion goes to far…

6. Apple keynote bloopers

Those keynotes don’t always go 100% smoothly…

7. Boom!

And boom.

8. Microsoft oFone

What if Microsoft out-innovated the iPhone?

9. Microsoft designs the iPod package


10. The Simpsons – Steve Mobs

“They cost $8 to make and I pee on every one!”

11. Gates vs Jobs

The classic smackdown from SuperNews.

12. The MacBook Wheel

Has Apple’s “Less Is More” approach gone too far?

13. The Mactini

Yes, it looks like it has. “Rat-a-tat tat.”

14. The iToilet

Another classic from Serafinowicz. “We’ve made clean-up fully intuitive.”

15. Get a Mac: Choose a Vista

Often themselves parodied (see above), some of Apple’s Get a Mac ads are pretty funny in their own right. This is my personal favourite. “Daddy needs an upgrade!”

And there you have it! My top 15 most chuckle-worthy Apple videos. What are yours?

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