5 fun Dashboard widgets to fill a lunch break

It’s lunch time. You’ve eaten, read the usual news sites, and even scoured I Am Bored, and you’re still twiddling your thumbs. What to do?

Time to fire up some pointless-yet-fun Dashboard widgets! Here are 5 entertaining widgets to keep you amused for at least half an hour:

Paradise Paintball

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Really quite impressive for a widget, Paradise Paintball is a simple, intuitive FPS (first-person shooter) that lets you play paintball on a tropical island, either against dummy targets or against other people currently online. Great fun. (Actually this one could fill several lunch breaks on its own.) Also available on Facebook (where you may well have heard of it already).

Earth View

Earth View lets you view the Earth as if from space, showing the parts in day and in night. You can change the viewpoint to a specific point on the planet, or see what the Earth looks like from the Sun or the Moon. You can also view current cloud cover (so you can find out if it’s sunny in London, Tokyo or Sydney).

Moody or Not

Moody or Not is a widget connected to the website of the same name, whose sole purpose is to poll the planet to work out if the world is happy today or not. See the answer at a glance with this handy gauge, or register your own mood on the site.


I’ve reviewed this widget before, but it’s so great it gets a mention here too. Perfect for curing mental blocks, Oblique poses random questions and thought-provoking suggestions to get your creative juices going.

Whoopee Cushion Widget

What list of frivolous widgets would be complete without a whoopee cushion? This one’s actually pretty good, with an impressive repertoire of fart sounds. Guaranteed to raise a chuckle or two!

I hope you liked this list of fun widgets. If you know of any more, please post in the comments below!

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