Apple’s Favourite iPhone Apps

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the App Store – launched on 11 July last year – the folks at Apple have come up with a list of their top iPhone apps and games. Interesting to see which apps they enjoy using themselves.

I have a few of my own favourite apps to add:

  • Stanza (ebook reader: my most heavily-used app)
  • Galcon Lite (fast-paced space strategy game – still a classic)
  • Tangram Pro (puzzle game)
  • Frotz (interactive fiction engine)
  • TyroTuner (does a great job of helping you tune a guitar through the iPhone’s mic – looks great too)
  • Wolfenstein 3D Classic (A great port of the original considering the limitations of the iPhone’s small touch-screen)
  • BOMRadar (Aussie weather radar app – perfect for seeing where the rain is!)
  • Twinkle (location-aware Twitter client)

What are your favourite App Store apps and games?

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