iPad Launch Roundup

No doubt you’ve heard that the iPad was launched on the weekend. Naturally most Apple blogs have been falling over themselves to post hands-on reviews, opinions and pics. Here’s the cream of the crop:

Why some people will never buy an iPad

Even before the iPad went on sale, Cory Doctorow stirred things up with a debate about the closed nature of the iPad and its OS. Personally I agree more with John Gruber’s stance on the matter – the iPad is a tool, not something to hack on – although you have to respect Cory’s commitment to the principles of open computing.

Hands-on reviews of the iPad

Before the iPad was officially launched, Michael Arrington managed to get a first look at a chained-to-the-desk iPad via an app developer. Cheeky!

On launch day, Engadget breathlessly covered the frenzy at the New York Apple Store, and Joshua Topolsky gave us a nice thorough review of the iPad’s hardware, software and battery life, and also took a look at the official iPad accessories.

Now that the early adopters have their mucky paws on their iPads, more hands-on reviews are coming in. Leander posted his positive first impressions over at Cult of Mac, then followed it up later with a useful iPad review “for the rest of us”. John Biggs of CrunchGear gave his first impressions (“Groundbreaking or not, it’s still amazing“).

iPad apps

As Apple prepared to launch the iPad, the App Store started filling up with a slew of iPad apps (there are currently over 3,000 and counting). Gizmodo has a great list of essential iPad apps, many of them free. Meanwhile, TechCrunch posted a list of the best iPad apps at launch. The Unofficial Apple Weblog also listed some interesting-looking apps.

(Personally I’m really looking forward to trying Things for iPad, since I love the desktop and iPhone versions.)

iPad innards

Finally, if you’re so inclined to see what goes on inside an iPad, iFixit has gotten hold of a production iPad, taken it apart bit by bit, and posted lots of photos. Lovely!

What’s your opinion?

Being in Australia, I’ll have to wait until at least the end of the month to get a look at the iPad. Meanwhile, have you bought or used one? What’s your experience – do you love it or hate it? Will it replace the netbooks (and maybe even the odd laptop) in your home?

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