Safari quick tip: Navigating a URL tree

I was messing about with Safari the other day and discovered this little gem. If you right-click (or Control-click) the page title in the title bar while viewing a web page, you get a pop-up list showing you each folder in the current URL, from the current folder all the way up to the top level of the website (or hard drive if you’re viewing a local file). You can then just click a folder in the list to jump straight to it.

This is great if you’ve stumbled across an interesting page with no (or confusing) navigation, and want to jump to the site or section homepage to browse more of the website. Nice touch Apple!

I still prefer Firefox 3 to Safari, but Safari’s getting better all the time…

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One Response to “Safari quick tip: Navigating a URL tree”

  1. Curmudgeon Geographer Says:

    Not only that . . .

    Just like you can Command-click a title in a Finder window or document window to see the directory path, you can also Command-click the Safari window to see the URL path.